October 2006

When Did REITs Become An Asset Class?

by Joshua M. Kaplan

Behold the little industry group that roared-at least for a while.

The Fred Astaire Of Advisors


Craig Marcott likes ballroom dancing so much he penned a book on it.

Quant With A Conscience

by Marla Brill

For Bridgeway Funds founder John Montgomery, investing is about more than money.

Beyond Asset Allocation

by Larry Fowler

Volatility and the timing of cash flows make a bigger difference on long-term returns.

Year-End Tax Planning, Take 2006

by Eric L. Reiner

Advisors put charitable strategies at the head of this year‚s checklist.

Life Insurance At A Discount

by Richard L. Harris

Certain techniques offer many benefits for very wealthy clients.

P&C Insurance For The Rich And Famous

by Eric L. Reiner

These clients‚ unique needs warrant attention from advisors.

Can You Help RINKs?

by Gregory Bresiger

They have no student loans and kids to worry about, but they can challenge the resources of your practice.

This Software Can Improve Efficiency

by David L. Lawrence

Not only can you talk to your PC, but it can talk to you, too.

Patently Foolish?

by Michael Brier

Allowing firms to patent tax strategies may mean you and your clients have to foot the bill.

The Equity Fallacy

by David J. Drucker

Do employees really need equity ownership to give you all they‚ve got?

Seniors Suit Up For Life In RVs

by Bruce W. Fraser

Boomers' wanderlust could provide a bonanza in fees for advisors.

Discrimination, Or Keeping It Simple?

by Thomas M. Kostigen

Schwab boots funds that have cheaper share classes elsewhere.

Sub-Advisors Are In The House

by Alan Lavine

The debate over using in-house or outside fund managers focuses on cost and effectiveness.

Making Lemonade From Lemons

by Matt Hougan

Swapping ETFs to harvest losses can make a lot of sense.

Economic Pin Balls

by Bruce W. Fraser

As it stands today, Bush‚s economic legacy is still uncertain. Is Paulson more than a Hail Mary?

Alive And Kicking

by Tracey Longo

Four small-cap managers talk about opportunities and challenges ahead.

Golden Eggs In A Market Acting Cracked


A basketful of economic uncertainty leaves planners scrambling.

Embracing The Small Client

by Raymond Fazzi

The trend is to seek out big accounts, but many investment managers and planners continue to value relationships with small clients.

Little Big Firm

by Tracey Longo

A small staff and big profit margins built from retainer fees make Resource Management Inc. stand out.

Conducting The Symphony

by BY Roy Diliberto

Advisors must take the lead when other professionals counsel clients.

The Fountain Of Extended Longevity

by Mary Rowland

Increasing life expectancies are-or should be- changing fundamental planning.

Asset Protection Planning With The Ultra-Affluent

by Hannah Shaw Grove & Russ Alan Prince

New techniques can help you help them.

The Best Software You Might Never Own

by Andrew Gluck

Smaller advisory offices face tough choices about what they will pay for their portfolio management programs.

A New And Improved Release

by Joel Bruckenstein

Portfolio Director 8.0 offers better account setup and custodian interfaces-and more.

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