April 2007

Alpha: Charge Clients Based On The Value You Add

by Matthew M. Brandeburg

In the future, advisors with the highest alpha will command the highest fees.

Becoming Fashionable

by David Drucker

Do large financial institutions know something about life planning?

Getting A Share Of Trust Assets

by Tracey Longo

How one firm is doing it, and what resources are available to help you, too.

Advisor's Guide To Word 2007

by Joel Bruckenstein

There are more issues than you might imagine.

Organic Growth

by Marla Brill

Manager sees investment opportunity in America's passion for wellness.

High-Yield Bond Blues?

by Alan Lavine

Good picks can be found and the market is stable, but tough times may be coming.

A Lift For Giving

by Raymond Fazzi

Proposal would remove the annual limit of $100,000 on IRA rollover donations.

Keeping It In The Family

by David J. Drucker

Some advisors have built-in succession plans: sons and daughters.

The Couples Dynamic

by Marla Brill

A new study reveals why financial advisors sometimes feel like marriage counselors.

Why Marketing Works

by William Glasgall

Results of the first annual S&P/FA advisor survey.

Layer Upon Layer

by Matt Hougan

Funds of ETFs are the latest craze.

Does Growth Investing Matter?


Growth stocks are expected to outperform, but good luck figuring out what they are.

Switching From Offense To Defense


Planners look at the critical zone in the five years before and after retirement.

Don't Worry, Be Happy


The connection between money and happiness is tenuous but real.

Mania In Bloom?


The price for advisory firms is right ... right through the roof.

Safe Withdrawal Rates-The Magic Bullet?

by Roy Diliberto

Focus on what clients need to support their lifestyles.

No One Size Suits All Advisors

by Mary Rowland

Finding the right fit for how you build and grow your practice depends on what you want–and need.

The Eat-What-You-Kill Model

by Rebecca Pomering

It‚s stunting advisory firms, but here‚s how to find a better way.

RIM Shot

by David Lawrence

Adding retirement income management presents operational challenges.

Tune In To America's Core Wealthy

by Hannah Shaw Grove & Russ Alan Prince

Small business owners represent the biggest future opportunity for wealth creation and wealth managers.

Silver Bullets And Web Services

by Andrew Gluck

Web services have been around six years, but they are just starting to offer what advisors need.

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