May 2007

When They're 64

by Richard B. Wagner

What kind of changes are in store for the advisory profession?

Flying High


A hang gliding advisor lives life the way he tells clients to: follow your dream.

Fast Forward


FPA programs aim to build the profession of the future.

What's New At The Custodian


Custodians are continuing to offer new services for fee-only planners In their efforts to woo RIAs.

What's New In MS Outlook 2007

by Joel Bruckenstein

An old workhorse gets a well-deserved makeover.

Waiting For The Purge

by Marla Brill

Fund manager Jeff Auxier thinks stock values abound for contrarians waiting to pounce.

More Wrinkles Than Ever

by Gail Liberman

Clients need you to help them understand new Medicaid rules.

Unfulfilled Promises?

by Tracey Longo

With LTC insurance sales down in 2006, here‚s what some are doing to pick up the pace.

When Clients Divorce

by Bruce W. Fraser

Advisors can lose two clients, retain one or both. Which will you experience?

Time-Wasters Of The Human Variety

by David J. Drucker

How do you deal with clients who take more of your time than you bargained for?

Diamonds In The Rough

by Ken Ziesenheim

The new Pension Protection Act offers opportunities for advisors, if you know where to dig.

Bucking the Trend

by David J. Drucker

Can wirehouses deliver on their advertising promises when employee restrictions are the same?

The Pete Rose Of A Client

by Raymond Fazzi

Compulsive gamblers complicate a planner's job, as well as their families' lives.

Real Estate Matchmaking

by Alan Lavine

The REIT market is being propelled by consolidation.

Looking At The Value Of Everything


Will value stock funds continued to outpace growth?

Leader Of The Pack


Arthur Anderson refugee Mark Feldman has built an advisory firm that's a billion-dollar boutique success.

Perfect Together

by Raymond Fazzi

Roy Ballentine and Alice Finn lead a unique planning firm that serves some of America's wealthiest families.

The Value Of You

by Mitch Anthony

Wise financial advisory firms work hard to emulate the UPS approach.

Ways For RIAs To Access Insurance

by Mary Rowland

As the number of RIAs soars, insurance specialists are designing businesses to serve their clients.

Walk The Line

by David Lawrence

Good managers need to stay involved without micromanaging.

The Wisdom Of Crowds

by Andrew Gluck

Web 2.0 is the new Internet, and it will change your practice.

Advisor Emporium


MassMutual Expands Retirement Income Focus MassMutual Financial Group created MassMutual Retirement Income (MMRI) for the retail...

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Frontline News


Don't Party Like It's 1999 After suffering its third humiliating defeat on the "Merrill Lynch" rule in two years in front of a high federal court,...

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Gerber Has The Right Idea Evan Simonoff, you don‚t get it...