July 2007

Now What?

by Richard B. Wagner

With FPA's win in its lawsuit against the SEC, financial advisors need to reflect on what that means for the profession.

The Big Picture

by Tracey Longo

Clearing firms stake their future on helping advisors' businesses grow.

Much-Needed Makeover

by Joel Bruckenstein

Profiles Professional Version 8.0 gets a new look.

Coming Of Age

by Marla Brill

As emerging market economies become more secure, so too does their debt.

IRAs That Are Outside The Box

by Marla Brill

Self-directed IRAs allow clients to decide where they want their IRA money to play. But watch out for sand traps.

Learning To Live With Annuities


Many planners hate them, but they may be attractive for clients with longer lives.

Helping Clients Grow 529 Plans Faster

by Tracey Longo

More advisors' clients are maxing out on 529 plans, driving first-year contributions into the six-figure range.

The Financially Illiterate Spouse

by Dave J. Drucker

How do you plan for a couple when one spouse won't participate?

MFOs And Alternatives Soup

by Sharon Weinberg

Multiple disciplines and multiple products converge in the making of independent-minded planners and their clients.

Marketing Boot Camp

by Tracey Longo

Top advisors learn about client communication and marketing. Now, you can too.

One For The Ages


Always an entrepreneur, 90-year-old Joe Leonard reflects on almost 50 years in financial services.

Fortune's Fortress

by Bruce W. Fraser

A new book reveals the secrets of dealing with the uberwealthy of the hedge fund community.

Dollar Decline

by Milton Ezrati

The dollar is up against the yen and down against the euro, while all eyes turn toward Beijing.

Housing Sings The Blues

by Eric L. Reiner

Real estate woes bring both worry and opportunity to the financial sector.

Retirement Whiplash

by Mitch Anthony

The question is, how does a retiree maintain an active, challenging life? The answer is, never stop.

Preserving Clients' Life Stories

by Mary Rowland

Financial advisors are in a unique position to help clients preserve their legacies as human beings, as well as their money.

Space Odyssey

by David Lawrence

Eliminating aisles full of files may seem difficult, but you'll benefit greatly from using office space efficiently.

Stating A Preference

by Andrew Gluck

The Nobel Prize winning creator of the Capital Asset Pricing Model takes another look at his work.

Shifting Into High Gear

by Robert Casey

The average firm in our annual RIA survey grew revenue 25% last year.

Advisor Emporium


Pershing Launches Managed Account Network Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Co. Inc...

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