August 2007

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

by Ken Weber

Plan sponsors are blind to the real costs of their companies' 401(k) plans

A World For Advisors

by Tracey Longo

The payoff for broker-dealers in their quest to add successful advisors has been higher revenues and more fee-based business.

Powerful Indeed

by Joel Bruckenstein

A financial advisor's guide to PowerPoint 2007.

Hedging Your Bets

by Marla Brill

Alpha Hedged Strategies Fund goes neutral to take hedge-fund-style investing mainstream.

Saying Good-Bye To Your Property

by Gail Liberman

More clients turn to real estate auctions to offload homes and property they can't sell.

Confusion, Reign O'er Me

by Eric L. Reiner

Despite rising interest rates, many equity markets are setting new records.

First Impressions

by Brigid O’Connor

The initial meeting is important in converting prospects into clients.

Drifting Away

by Bruce W. Fraser

What advisors can do to when clients seem to be losing comprehension.

Private-Equity Payout


Smaller firms may get a piece of the action.

When Planners Plan To Retire

by David J. Drucker

Are financial advisors who plan for their clients' retirements ready for their own?

Finding Energy Alternatives

by Marla Brill

The global warming debate heats up investor interest in alternative energy, and the market responds with ETFs.

A Missing Link?

by Eric Uhlfelder

Global infrastructure investments are a strong, but insufficiently held, asset class.

The Purpose Of Money

by Roy Diliberto

Understanding the core value that is driving the goal will help us to provide our clients with better advice.

A New Life For Insurance

by Mary Rowland

A movement seeks to make life insurance and annuities understandable and transparent. Lower premiums are good, too.

When To Throw Back The Big Fish

by Rebecca Pomering

The costs of hiring that all-star professional could capsize your firm‚s salary structure and sink staff morale.

Efficiency Vs. Efficacy

by David Lawrence

They may seem like opposing concepts, but they can work hand in hand.

What's Your Retirement Brand?

by Tracey Longo

Investors are fleeing brokers who don't discuss retirement income with them.

Corporate Executives Need Special Treatment

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Younger than most affluent subsegments, executives need professional assistance with diversification and risk management.

The Limits of Statistical Evidence

by Nick Murray

The more you argue using numbers, the less trusted you‚ll be.

Help Wanted

by Andrew Gluck

Here are two vendors who may make a difference to advisors' bottom line and peace of mind.

A Velvet Niche


National Retirement Partners, a network of retirement-focused advisors, has raised its game and clinched its own broker-dealer.

The World According To Eveillard


Why disciplined value investing is so difficult.

Advisor Emporium


Capital Analysts Relocating To Cincinnati Capital Analysts Inc...

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