November 2007

Respect Clients' Values

by Meir Statman

Socially responsible investing isn't just a fund category or radical chic. It cuts into the core of your clients' most deeply felt values.

Fanning The Flames


The Foundation for Financial Planning has been a bucket brigade that gets planners in touch with those in need-not just of money, but advice.

In The Land Of Giants

by David J. Drucker

Does a small custodian have a chance these days? If it offers something advisors can't get from the Big Three, it does.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

by Joel Bruckenstein

The new version of NaviPlan is clean, intuitive and much more responsive.

Three Roads To Value

by Marla Brill

Merger arbitrage and undervalued stocks are appealing to this portfolio manager, but she's waiting on distressed debt.

Ready To Roll (Over)

by Thomas J. Murphy

With retirement plans bursting at the seams with new money, changes in the law can make it easier to pass that money on to heirs. But there are several red flags to watch for.

Income For Life? Well, We Hope So.

by William Glasgall

A look at new products that are supposed to create "personal pensions" for your clients.

Sunset On The Horizon

by Marla Brill

Tax relief that appeals to investors could soon be a thing of the past...

More Friendly Skies

by Tracey Longo

Former United Pilot Robert Thomas has expanded his advisory practice from airline employees to ExxonMobil credit union members.

Is Your Price Right?

by Tracey Longo

A select group of advisors are significantly increasing their planning fees. Here's the lowdown on unbundling and how your pricing helps or hurts your firm.

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

by Alan Lavine

New global funds have a go-anywhere approach, and they're gearing up to survive credit crunches and market corrections.

The Long And Short Of It

by Brad Zigler

The strategy of a short-enabled fund dares not speak (or even know) its name.

Value's True Believers


The managing partners at Tweedy Browne stick with their conservative style even in a time of bigger payoffs for risk.

New Twists On The Oldest Economy


Agriculture could be poised for long-term growth.

Sixty Is The New Forty

by Tracey Longo

Financial advisor symposium attendees hear how to restructure practices for retiring boomers.

Boomer Interupted

by Mitch Anthony

Baby boomers may envision a retirement with lots of freedom, but some already are finding that's not the case.

Making Sense Of Chaos

by Mary Rowland

The mortgage meltdown has showed the uglier side of investing in dicey loans.

Eight Leading Innovators

by Andy Gluck

These firms are changing the industry for the better.

Changing Lanes


A former General Motors employee, Tim Herbert now is helping his former colleagues as a financial advisor.

Wishful Thinking

by David Drucker

Some unprepared clients are embracing the secret as an answer to their prayers.

Advisor Emporium


Pershing Offers New Analytical Tools Pershing LLC has launched a program through which its fixed-income specialists will help investment...

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Frontline News


CFP Board Picks New Chief Of Exams And Education Carol Lee Roberts this month takes over as managing director of examinations and education at...