December 2007

Claiming And Clarifying Our Turf

by Richard B. Wagner

If we don't define our roles, there are others who are ready to do it for us.

More Options, More Business

by Sydney LeBlanc

SMAs are a good fit for RIAs, who will benefit from repeal of the Merrill Lynch rule.

Fidelity's Silver Bullet

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Firm to launch a fully integrated Web platform for advisors.

The Art Of Delegation

by Marla Brill

This large-cap value fund winnows its picks by seeking the advice of several managers.

The Changing Face Of 401(k) Plans


Choices multiply in defined-contribution plans.

Retirement As A Mess Of Maybes

by Lewis Walker

Finding the balance between cold hard numbers and rationality.

Living The Same, Longer

by David J. Drucker

A controversial financial planning program focuses on how a client can sustain his living standard rather than on how not to run out of money.

The New Indexing Maze

by Marla Brill

Many ETFs are based on indexes unheard of a few years ago. Advisors need to do their homework on them.

Creating A Memorable Experience

by Roy Diliberto

A little dose of good etiquette I recently took a client to one of my favorite restaurants and the experience, as usual, was wonderful.

Finding A Prince

by Mary Rowland

More advisory firms are looking for the perfect mate.

Playing Nice

by David Lawrence

Rather than work with a hodgepodge of software, it's better to have applications that integrate.

Beyond Money

by Tracey Longo

Here's how a retirement coach can help clients transition to a more fulfulling and perhaps even less-costly retirement. Your cost to get started: $150.

What The Tech Deals Mean To You

by Andy Gluck

Fidelity is building a new RIA platform and Albridge is being acquired.

The Dollar Trap

by Eric Uhlfelder

Observers predict the dollar will reverse course, and unhedged investors who have benefited from foreign currency appreciation may get hurt.

Trading Spaces?


After a seven-year run-up, the hot REIT market has finally cooled off this year. Does it present a buying opportunity?

After the storm


Bond buyers were hiding behind the redoubts of safe investments after the summer credit implosion. Now they're looking for better-yielding names from the wreckage.

Cautious Optimism

by Alan Lavine

Stock and bond market experts are looking into their crystal balls to see what lies ahead with the Fed, inflation and international turmoil.

Seeking Middle Ground


Karron Wages leads a firm created by veteran advisors to serve the middle class-a task more difficult than it looks.

Advisor Emporium


Two Firms Target Fee-Only Advisors Phoenix Companies Inc...

Editor's Note


Time For Perspective Times of rapid change often induce wild mood swings ranging from euphoria to severe melancholy...

Frontline News


Kochis Fitz To Merge With Quintile Two of California's largest independent wealth management firms plan to join forces to become the largest such...

Letters to the Editor


Let‚s Be Logical I read with keen interest Mary Rowland‚s article (Financial Advisor, October...