May 2008

Great Expectations

by Kurt J. Rossi

Thoughts on managing clients' outlooks during bear markets.

Living Long, Living Well

by Tracey Longo

Retirees' fears of outliving their money propel longevity insurance and annuities.

Sweet Deal

by Tracey Longo

High-income individuals soon will be able to convert traditional IRAs and 401(k) plans to Roth IRAs.

The Elephant In The Living Room

by Michael C. Keenan

Advisors need to be more aware of implicit transaction costs.

Under Pressure

by Marla Brill

A recent Supreme Court ruling opens the door for advisors to 401(k) plans to be sued by individual plan participants.

Munis' Turn To Shine

by Marla Brill

Manager says values in the muni market relative to other asset classes are unprecedented.

Reconsidering Junk


High-yield bond yields rose steeply at the beginning of the year while defaults remained low. Is it time to invest?

Value Fund Managers Find Bargains

by Alan Lavine

Value funds may be poised for a rebound after lagging growth funds last year.

Sifting Through The REIT Wreckage


After a historic downturn, REITs offer some bargains.

Retirement Good Fortune

by Joel Bruckenstein

When the goal at hand is just to look at retirement scenarios, Silver Financial Planner will serve you well.

The Inconvenient Truth About Health Insurance

by David J. Drucker

Are advisors doing enough to address client health issues?

Grieving Spouses

by Caren Chesler

Men and women who have lost a spouse may present advisors with different challenges.

Risky Business

by Mitch Anthony

Risk tolerance tools do a poor job of predicting how clients will react when faced with a crisis.

Clinging To Intimate Relationships

by Mary Rowland

It's questionable when planners say consolidation is the only solution to shrinking profit margins.

Getting The Word Out

by David Lawrence

Improving client communications is key, particularly during times like these.

Adding New Owners

by Rebecca Pomering

Here‚s what to consider when going forward with an internal succession plan.

America's Financial Crisis

by Andrew Gluck

Is it just another bear market or a period marking the end of The American Century?

Serving The Underserved


First Genesis has carved out a niche and become one of the largest firms in the country serving African-Americans.

After The Storm


BlackRock's Peter Fisher and Scott Amero discuss where we are headed.

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