July 2008

Who Else Is In The Room?

by Richard B. Wagner

Because the phrase "my money" is an oxymoron.

A Better Option

by Allen Hamm

Individually issued long-term care policies usually are less expensive than group coverage.

Taking Cover


People today sue for much more than your liability coverage. Having an umbrella policy can help.

Top RIA Survey Rankings

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Can Advisors Protect Retirees From Themselves?

by Tracey Longo

By mapping retirees' minds, financial service firms like T. Rowe Price are using behavioral economics to help advisors overcome investors' irrational behavior.

Retirement On Hold

by David J. Drucker

With stock market turbulence and a housing market free fall, how are advisors modifying retirement plans constructed during better times?

Queen Of Green Investing

by Marla Brill

The Allianz RCM Global EcoTrends Fund is among a number of "clean and green" funds investing in companies that try to protect the environment.

On Target, Or Not

by Alan Lavine

Target date funds seem to be living up to expectations, but diversification varies greatly among them.

Bump In The Road


529 college savings plans muddle along despite their benefits.

A First Look

by Joel Bruckenstein

Upswing 2.0 Beta is a Web-based CRM system that provides a nice balance between features and usability.

Keeping Millionaire Clients Happy

by Marla Brill

Studies show they are more concerned about the stock market and the economy than they have been in several years.

Team Players


A Kansas City couple expands their leading fee-only firm by offering more to clients–and employees.

What Is Your 'Fiscalosophy'?

by Mitch Anthony

Your clients‚ beliefs and principles regarding money will be reflected in their behavior, and it‚s important that you are both on the same page.

Let's Make A Deal

by Mary Rowland

Many readers told me my April column was off. I'll keep trying if you keep complaining.

Keeping The Record Straight

by David Lawrence

The SEC is looking at adopting standards for electronic record-keeping.

When Is The Price Right?

by Rebecca Pomering

To determine your fees, look at your costs, your value and your competition.

Process Can Make Your Firm Great

by Andrew Gluck

Process proselytizers at ActiFi help advisory firms achieve success.

Slower Build

by Robert Casey

RIA firm assets grew more slowly in 2007 while employee head counts were up-signs of heightened competition and perhaps the end of an easy-growth era.

Advisor Emporium


Fidelity Offers Dual Business Platform Financial planners who handle both fee and commission business will have a new platform to integrate their work...

Editor's Note



Frontline News


CFP Board's New Conduct Standards The financial advisory industry is always changing, and so are efforts to govern the way it's practiced...

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