August 2008

A Taxing Solution

by Gregory Bresiger

Author Roger Lowenstein's pitch for more government-financed health care and retirement benefits will make things worse.

A House Divided


Sometimes, it's not fair to be equitable, especially when leaving an estate to your kids.

Selling's Not A Dirty Word

by Don A. Connelly

Contrary to popular opinion, selling is important to our business. In fact, selling and advice-giving go hand in hand.

Real Estate Vulture Swoops In

by Marla Brill

Third Avenue's Michael Winer sees bargains in pummeled real estate stocks.

The Real Thing

by Ken Ziesenheim

Investment returns need to be evaluated after taxes, expenses and inflation–but few do that.

Into The Frontier

by Eric Uhlfelder

Frontier stocks look suddenly attractive as developed economies slow, but exposure to these markets isn't for everyone.

Harvest In Agricultural ETFs

by Marla Brill

Although a sharp pullback could be coming, some advisors think commodities are good long-term plays.

The Other Side Of The Ledger

by Joel Bruckenstein

Financial Crossing helps manage client liabilities.

Turmoil Brings New Business

by Gail Liberman

Independent advisors are signing up new clients who are uneasy about the stock market and unhappy with their money managers.

Keeping The Lines Open

by David J. Drucker

Not enough time in the day to keep in touch with your clients? Try these electronic shortcuts.

Every Family Has A Story


Financial advisor Dan Juechter finds an unusual referral partner in genealogist Tina Martin.

Some Taxes May Not Be Inevitable

by Roy Diliberto

Reducing the tax disadvantages of investing in mutual funds.

Worldwide Kinder

by Mary Rowland

Planner George Kinder takes his life planning concepts to Europe, South Africa and beyond.

Embracing Differentiation

by David Lawrence

A new and efficient way to market your financial practice.

The Emerging Profile Of Women Investors

by Tracey Longo

Eleanor Blayney is creating a new, national network of female CFPs.

Energizing Your Practice

by Andrew Gluck

A far-out but inspiring approach for managing your life and business.

The Clock Is Ticking


How secure are your clients' retirement plans?

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