December 2008

Call Me Anytime

by Amy Florian

Effectively helping grieving clients will help you retain business.

Time For Caution

by Marla Brill

Manager Tom Perkins believes now may not be the time to buy most equities.

Digging For Dividends Worldwide

by Bruce W. Fraser

Steady cash flow and payout increases are possible even in a tough market.

ETF Growth Expected

by Marla Brill

Look for more narrow market niches and investments with low stock market correlation in 2009.

Where Are We Headed?

by Eric Uhlfelder

This year will be remembered as one of the worst investors have ever known. Extreme caution is required before moving back into the markets in 2009.

Sharing Ideas

by Staff Report

Advisors plot the future of their practices at The 11th Financial Advisor Symposium.

Beyond Paperless

by Joel Bruckenstein

Laserfiche Avante's document management and other features allow advisors to find new ways to structure work flow.

Who Discloses What?

by Janet Aschkenasy

New regulations clarify the duties of qualified retirement plan fiduciaries and advisors.

Graceful Exit


Karl Frank's advisory firm wants to help small businesses with their succession plans.

Experiencing A Financial Emergency? Dial 911.

by Roy Diliberto

Financial planners have a responsibility to give advice to each individual client based on that person's unique situation.

Lasting Legacy?

by Mary Rowland

A new loan program could drastically change the life settlement market.

Sending A Message

by David Lawrence

Employee manuals set rules for workers that can save time and money.

Managing The In-Betweens

by Andrew Gluck

Portfolio manager and author Mark Kritzman says it's important to manage for market turbulence as well as strength.

Who Ya Gonna Call?


Your advisor, of course. Clients and prospects panicked by the market meltdown want advice-now.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Donor-Advised Charitable Giving Grows Despite the economy, grants to charities through some of the largest donor-advised funds are up...

Editor's Note

Expect A Showdown


When the dust from this protracted financial crisis settles sometime in 2009, the demand for independent, objective advice is likely to be stronger than ever...

Frontline News

Frontline News

Will Year-End Redemptions Kill Hedge Funds? Investors fled hedge funds in droves in the third quarter, withdrawing a record $31...