February 2009

Surviving The Plunge


Amid falling assets and revenue, advisors try to position themselves for the eventual upturn. 

Misaligned Expectations?

by David Drucker

Fresh new hires and crusty old veterans may not be on the same page when it comes to career paths ...

Breaking Gridlock?

by Andrew Gluck

After taking a big buyout, Matt Abar is re-emerging with new portfolio management software ...

A Closer Look At Differentiation

by David Lawrence

Web sites and credentials are two avenues to explore to make yourself stand out ...

A One-Man Band

by Mary Rowland

Stanley Breitbard has followed his passions and now helps others seek rich lives ...

Building A Reservoir Of Good Will For Bad Times

by Roy Diliberto

A benefit of caring is client loyalty and retention ...

Triage In Michigan


Advisors in auto country are on the front line of client unemployment issues, which are challenging all advisors ...

Skipping Bells And Whistles

by Joel Bruckenstein

Advisors are likely to focus on core technology products this year ...

Handle With Care

by Marla Brill

Inverse and leveraged inverse ETFs can help battle a bear market, but you need to watch them carefully ...

ETFs As Defensive Plays

by Raymond Fazzi

Advisors say ETFs can be a useful tool when implementing downside protection strategies ...

The Annuity In Winter


Could variable annuities gain some luster after a horrible year in the fund world? ...

Outlook 2009

by Alan Lavine

Managers are guardedly optimistic on equities, but find bonds even more appealing ...

Distressed Assets Gone Wild

by Alan Lavine

Distressed assets have been down for so long that many money managers say they're looking up ...

A Glimmer Of Rewards

by Bruce W. Fraser

Prices on high-quality corporate bond issues represent a buying opportunity for advisors ...

Boring Is Back

by Marla Brill

Fund manager Phil Davidson likes quality companies at discount prices ...

Play Like A Champion

by Rick Jensen

Keep clients focused on the opportunities that come when times are tough ...

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Editor's Note

Changes Come Slow


Before the economy and equity market can recover, the credit markets need to resume a semblance of normalcy ...

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