March 2009

Clean Alternatives


A longtime skeptic of the hedge fund industry, Thomas Meyer uses a more transparent path to alternative investments: open-end mutual funds. 

Fixing The Economic Crisis

by Andrew Gluck

Martin Wolf says the long-term solution involves Americans saving more, but the Chinese will need to spend more, too.

M&A In A New World

by Rebecca Pomering

The old assumptions about a firm's value have to be tossed out, and advisors must deal with new ones.

Building Trust In The Age Of Madoff

by Bill Bachrach

It's your responsibility to place clients' money with a manager who won't steal it.

Everyone Is Wrong

by Mary Rowland

The true source of market volatility is mistakes, says market observer Woody Brock.

Taking Your Client's Pulse

by Mitch Anthony

A new study says they don't blame you for the market crash, but you need to sit down with them and confront the damage.

Pain For Mom 'n' Pop


Financial advisors try to help small businesses weather the economic downturn without desperate measures.

Who's Got Middle America's Back?

by David J. Drucker

Middle-class citizens have usually come second in the financial services world. Is that finally changing?

The Case For Integration

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Fidelity thinks RIAs will benefit from integrated platforms like its new WealthCentral.

We're All Value Investors Now

by James Picerno

The financial literature is moving closer to what Ben Graham discovered long ago: Fundamental value matters.

Gushing Yields


Prospecting the energy patch for income could mean tapping into MLPs and royalty trusts.

ETF Conference Engages In Wide-Ranging Debate


ETF flows recently surpassed flows into mutual funds for the first time, but market volatility didn't leave them totally unscathed last year.

Where We Stand

Morningstar analyst Rachel Olson discusses some of the top-performing separately managed accounts over the last three years.

Small And Simple

by Marla Brill

Charlie Dreifus likes small companies with understandable businesses.

No Do-overs?

by Caren Chesler

In tough economic times, some clients are wondering if they could tap those untouchable trusts. Probably not a good idea. 

Hyperbole? Really?

by Richard B. Wagner

Using hyperbole to talk about our professional destiny is no crime, especially in light of the problems we face.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium Shows Competing CD Rates Financial advisors can view competing CD rate offers from numerous banks in real time through

Editor's Note

A Grand Experiment


Any crisis has a silver lining, and Robert Rodriguez expects Americans' savings rate to climb ...

Frontline News

Frontline News

Broker-Dealer View On Regulation Dale Brown, president and CEO of the Financial Services Institute, recently weighed in on the upcoming regulatory battles involving the...