April 2009

Perception And Reality


Selected funds' Chris Davis explains why bear markets can provide huge opportunities. 

Keywords To Success

by Andrew Gluck

People search to solve problems-and your keywords should lead to the answers they seek.

Asset Allocation For Our New Reality

by J. Michael Martin

As advisors probe for answers, many have begun to examine their basic big-picture assumptions about the world in which we live and earn our living.

Migratory Patterns

by David Lawrence

Advisors who want to move to the independent world should spend a lot of time planning the transition.

Communicating Positives In A Sea Of Negatives

by Roy Diliberto

Our job is to put things into perspective for our clients and help them focus on living their lives.

Dodging The Bullet

by David J. Drucker

Not everyone's clients were hurt by the 2008 market collapse.

An Integration Contender

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

AdvisorConnect looks to be a reasonable alternative to Fidelity's WealthCentral.

Misery Loves Company

by Raymond Fazzi

International investments have fallen off a cliff during the past year, but some investors are still finding pockets of opportunity.

Gold Gone Wild?

by Alan Lavine

Safe-haven buying has driven up its price, but gold is still risky and volatile.

Spread Out


Unusually generous yield spreads make corporate bonds attractive.

Steady Eddy Annuity Bets


The economic downturn is driving interest in fixed annuities.

Tapping ETFs

by Marla Brill

Dividend-rich ETFs may boost returns when the market is treading water.

Charity Begins At Home


Portfolio woes mean less money for philanthropy. 

Basic Training Revisited

by Steven Leshner

Our role as advisors is to show our clients that there's a parallel between fiscal and physical fitness.

Fiduciary Fracas


Let the food fight begin...

LPL Seeing Explosive Recruiting Growth

The turbulence sweeping the financial services industry is triggering explosive recruiting growth at LPL Financial.

A Swiss Miss

The Internal Revenue Service is cracking down on tax cheats hiding money in foreign countries, and financial advisors who have wealthy clients with cash stashed overseas better hope their clients...

Missing Out

by Caren Chesler

Although SRI is growing, many broker-dealers ignore the opportunity.

The Ethical Edge

by Marla Brill

Fund manager Todd Ahlsten outperformed The market by making well-timed moves out of overheated sectors. 

Ahead Of The Crowd

by Eleanor O’Sullivan

Trillium is the oldest and largest independent investment management firm in the U.S. exclusively devoted to socially responsible investing.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Tool Combines Outlook With Planning AdviceAmerica, based in Fremont, Calif...

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Spring Fever


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