January 2010

We Need Better Words ...

by Richard B. Wagner

Our words need to address the relationship between money and the other important aspects of our lives.

The Next Generation

by Mitch Anthony

Deena Katz and Lance Palmer talk about their financial planning students and the future of the profession.

Making The Play

by Bill Bachrach

In business and in life, we face situations that we don't expect. Are you ready to execute?

Time To Adapt

by David Lawrence

Advisors may find this time-management strategy to be more effective than others.

Rough Road

by Mary Rowland

The rules on providing investment advice to 401(k) plan participants have been shifting, but the end of the controversy is not in sight.

Big Guys Fight Back


Broker-dealers try to find their bearings in 2010 as their antagonists push back.

Kings Of The Road


Providing cross-border financial planning for expats can be tricky.

Betting On Currency

by Alan Lavine

Some think investors may benefit by adding currency positions; others aren't sure.

The First Step

by James Picerno

There are no easy answers for asset allocation, but at least there's a practical starting point.

Receding From A Perfect Storm

by Eric Uhlfelder

Uncertainty has clouded convictions about some tax-and revenue-based municipal bonds.

Any Bargains Left?


After the market's run-up, investors find value in unconventional ways. 

Second Wind For Growth

by Marla Brill

Fund manager Chris McHugh says earnings surprises will drive prices higher.

Solo Replacement

by David J. Drucker

Finally a (nearly) foolproof succession game plan for 85% of the profession.

The Great Protector

by Caren Chesler

Advisor Erin Botsford is known for focusing on risks that threaten client assets. that's no surprise, considering what She's been through herself. 

A Sensible Strategy

by J. Michael Martin

Here are six suggestions for investing in a new reality.

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