April 2010

Defying The Odds

by David J. Drucker

Small practitioners thrive in spite of predictions they wouldn't.

An Alternative World


Alternative investments are the rage, but it's a broad space requiring lots of due diligence.

Challenges For The Big Two

by J. Michael Martin

The outlook for freedom and growth in the U.S. and in China.

Special Trip

by Andrew Gluck

Family retreats may be a good way to explore the complexities of your wealthiest clients, says this consultant.

Downsizing Your Practice

by David Lawrence

Reducing expenses can help advisory firms return to profitability.

Whose Discovery Is It?

by Roy Diliberto

The questions we ask our clients in our quest to serve them may end up being therapeutic for them.

Different Treatments


David Blaydes has focused his firm on helping those in trouble.

Productivity Punch

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Trade PMR, a lesser-known custodian, is getting more attention from advisors, partly because of its standout custody platform.

Malkiel On China

by Eric Uhlfelder

Burton Malkiel, the Princeton University economist and venerable indexer, is deviating from passive investing in an attempt to get the best returns in China.

A Good Complement

by Marla Brill

More advisors think both bond mutual funds and ETFs belong in client portfolios.

Performance Trade-Off

by Alan Lavine

Keeping ETF dividends in cash may reduce total return.

REITs Rebound

by Caren Chesler

More REITs are once again able to raise capital and are buying depressed assets.

Shaky Ground

by Gail Liberman

State and federal regulators challenge tenant-in-common investments.

Seeking Redemption


Managed payout funds stumbled in their debut, but mutual fund companies still think there's a place for them.

Be Prepared

by Joni Youngwirth

What to consider when thinking of selling your practice.

Betting On A Recovery

by Marla Brill

Manager Bart Geer thinks companies with ample cash flow can better take advantage of an improving economy.

Garden Of Knowledge

by Richard B. Wagner

The profession of financial planning needs more words to help people understand it.

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