October 2010

Reaching Out


The troubled economy has meant more people need financial planning but can't afford it. Frank Paré and Saundra Davis are among those stepping in to help.

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

by Michelle Knight

In an investment world where volatility has become the new normal, consider these techniques to help you work effectively with clients.

Pulling The Switch

by Andrew Gluck

Are state regulators ready to assume oversight of some 4,200 RIAs?

A View From Both Sides

by David Lawrence

What to consider when preparing your own retirement plan.

Solutions Looking For Problems

by Roy Diliberto

As financial life planners, we need to be watchdogs for inappropriate advice that others suggest to our clients.

Quietly Contrary

by Mary Rowland

Some advisors find success by scorning conventional wisdom about size, growth and clientele.

Bringing It All Back Home


Terry Hannon's work as a mom, a planner, a volunteer and a friend has helped her through tough times and made her the center of a community.

A Better Scorecard

by Bruce W. Fraser

Advisors are not just using surveys to ask about client satisfaction anymore.

Investors Demand More

by Michael Patrick Jacobs

This advisor provides highlights of what he's found clients today are looking for when they seek advice.

Audit Ready

by David J. Drucker

This tool should make your SEC audit go more smoothly.

Redtail Revisited

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Is Redtail poised to leapfrog the competition?

Comeback Kids

by Marla Brill

REIT ETFs have staged a strong rebound after a nearly two-year drubbing of real estate stocks that drove prices down by as much as 60%.

IPOs Are Back


Deal volume is up, but performance is iffy. Upcoming deals include GM, LPL and maybe Facebook.

The Fast And The Furious

by Leila B. Boulton

Are high-frequency traders running over investment advisors and their clients?

Range Bound

by Eric Uhlfelder

How can investors profit in a market without apparent trends?

Risk Management For Individuals

by Michael J. Reed

How to match investors' risk appetite with their assets.

Digging Up Good Plays

by Marla Brill

To find solid natural resource investments, this manager looks for companies with low production costs and attractive geological assets.

The Waiting Game

by Eric L. Reiner

Advisors want to know what tax rules 2011 will bring.

How To Select Trustees

by Ben Mattlin

As trusts grow more popular, the need to appoint the right trustees becomes crucial.

Time To Rebuild

by Steve Parrish

Financial advisors can help battered business owners plan for the future.

Immediate Gratification

by Gail Lieberman

Immediate annuities can help clients get government benefits they might otherwise price out of.

One Standard, Period

by Scott A. MacKillop

The debate over the fiduciary standard should be about clients-and it would be over in a heartbeat if it were.

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Advisors Who Care

by Evan Simonoff

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