November 2010

Inside Oxford


How Jeff Thomasson built Oxford Financial Group into a powerhouse.

On Panic, Faith, And The Determined Primitive

by Nick Murray

Everyone can buy equities. No one can keep them. What is the advisor to do?

Back In The Fold?

by David Lawrence

Will the new regulations force independents to return to broker-dealers?

What If There's No App?

by Bill Bachrach

Universal laws and principles, not gadgets, govern real world success.

Skin In The Game

by Mitch Anthony

Why your clients' kids should pay for part of their college educations.

The Price Is Right


Advisory firms and the quest for proper compensation.

Out Of Retrenchment

by Bruce W. Fraser

Independent broker-dealers see good recruiting opportunities in 2011.

Compensating Caregivers

by Ben Mattlin

Advisors discuss how families can provide at-home care for a loved one-and defuse sibling rivalries that often result.

Finding A Standout

by Cliff Campeau

Here's what an investor might look at in deciding whether to hire your firm.

Out Of Balance

by Joni Youngwirth

Should our industry take proactive steps to increase its number of women?

A Clean Path

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

This uncluttered portfolio management system will work best for smaller RIA firms.

New Opportunities With 401(k)s

by Alan Lavine

Participants are making asset allocation mistakes, even though most plans offer a good selection of investment options.

Auto-Enrollment Benefits Young Savers

by Special Advertising Section

A new study shows young workers with 401(k) auto enrollment are better diversified than employees who aren't offered that feature in their retirement plans.

Rethinking Rebalancing

by James Picerno

Is it a risk management tool or a source of alpha? Maybe it's both.

Consuming China


Long-term investors are betting on China as it builds a new consumer culture of its own.

Considering Convertibles

by Virginia Munger Kahn

Historically, convertible bonds have done well in sideways, volatile markets such as those of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Investment Stew

by Marla Brill

Undervalued U.S. and Japanese companies, high-yield bonds, tech stocks and gold bullion are all on the menu at IVA Worldwide Fund.

Sharpe On Post Retirement


The Nobel laureate spoke to NAPFA members about what it means to get 4% a year.

Lifting The Revenue-Sharing Fog

by Marshall J. Cobb

Regulatory and legislative actions currently being pondered will dramatically alter revenue-sharing practices.

What To Expect

by David Armes

Understanding upcoming health-care reforms.

Location, Location

by Michael Brier

Your clients may enjoy lower taxes if they move to another state, but they should be aware of the rules to avoid new tax problems.

Let's Chat

by Richard B. Wagner

Because the phrase "my money" is an oxymoron.

Drop Dead Date

by Andrew Gluck

If you haven't kept up with estate-tax opportunities because they're a complicated mess, now's the time to re-engage.

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