April 2011

2011 Independent Broker-Dealer Survey: Is Uniformity Possible?


Broker-dealers expect some changes if a new fiduciary standard is adopted.

Back To Basics

by Somnath Basu

Advisors don't need to rely on complicated models to help clients avert losses.

Members Only

by Andrew Gluck

Good intentions and strict rules may have backfired for the FPA at a time of change.

The Challenge Of Workflow

by David Lawrence

Workflow systems are necessary for running more efficient offices. So why aren't more people using them?

Timely Talk

by Mary Rowland

A look at two interesting books that recommend opposite strategies on market timing.

The Importance Of A Vision

by Roy Diliberto

Without a clear vision of what you want your business to look like, your business plans may have little chance for success.

Stuck In The Middle

by Michael McDermott

Advisor Rick Tonkinson is making his bones focusing on middle- class clients.

Homeward Bounds

by Caren Chesler

In a tough economic environment, some clients must deal with their children moving back home.

Eldercare: Sense And Sensibility

by Ben Mattlin

Handling the heated emotions of planning for the aging.

All About Clients

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Although still a work in progress, Figlo is a new financial planning software package that allows advisors to collaborate with clients more easily.

Atlas Unbound


Will global unrest stop emerging market bonds from emerging?

New Indexes Nudge Out Old Favorites

by Marla Brill

Advisors who have moved into alternative indexes are finding unique ways to use them.

Are Munis A Minefield?


There doesn't have to be a wave of defaults to trigger a big sell-off.

Where The Action Is

by Oshrat Carmiel

Demand for apartments is rising, and that's where real estate investors are looking to make money.

Smoothing The Ride

by Marla Brill

Larry Keele manages this Vanguard convertible fund using a conservative strategy that usually leads to outperformance in down-to-sideways stock markets.

Changing The Social Contract


Retirement will likely have new meaning for lots of baby boomers.

Herds And Bubbles

by Meir Statman

The market doesn't work the way people expect, and they have to keep learning lessons all over again.

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