January 2012

Advisors In A Darwinian World


In a more competitive landscape with strained markets, advisors are relearning how to survive.

Who Will Start The Revolution?

by Brian Hamburger

Big firms give "Big Brother" nod to social media.

Are Clients Ready To Retire?

by Dan Moisand

Money is important, but various studies offer surprising findings on what matters the most.

Mission Critical

by David Lawrence

How do firms translate fiduciary concepts into their day-to-day operations?

'I Saw The Movie'

by Mitch Anthony

How your clients' brain circuitry may be short-circuiting their investment plans.

Full Steam Ahead

by Bruce W. Fraser

What could have been a sad chapter for Securities America now seems to be a new lease on life for the firm.

Fast, Easy Game

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

A new take on "financial planning lite"?

Making The Cut

by Marla Brill

Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines announce their inaugural all-star research team.

Pursuing Payouts


Income-starved investors turn to dividend-paying strategies. 

Occupy Scandinavia

by Eric Uhlfelder

While Scandinavia is feeling the effect of global volatility, few developed markets offer the region's superior micro and macro benefits, which have driven its long-term equity outperformance.

The Future of Refiners Foretold

by Brad Zigler

Refining has been a particularly volatile business since the 2008 economic nosedive.

Separating Myths From Facts

by Tom Lydon

There is plenty of evidence that the claims made against leveraged ETFs are false.

Ben Graham, Revisited

by Marla Brill

Since 2008, this fund has benefited from a strategy focusing on dividend-paying stocks with low debt and avoiding troubled European debt.

College Crunch

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Families scrambling to pay for college could use your guidance-even if they haven't asked.

State Of Affairs

by Gail Liberman

Most clients are unaware that state death taxes can take a substantial cut of an inheritance.

Health-Care Contingencies

by Ben Mattlin

Clients need to be setting aside money for health care as part of retirement planning.

Ask Questions First

by Edward K. Riley

Before deciding to change firms, the first question to ask is what has been good (and bad) about your current firm?

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Amerivest Offers Supplemental Income Portfolios Amerivest Investment Management, a subsidiary of TD Ameritrade, has launched Amerivest Supplemental Income...

Editor's Note

Through The Fog


Since the middle of the summer, financial advisors and their clients have been whipsawed by equity market volatility as they have gotten bombarded by a continual stream of negative news, most of it...

Frontline News

Frontline News

How To Recruit Young Investors