April 2012

The Truth About Ric Edelman

by Caren Chesler

Ric Edelman might irk some people, but his aggressive style has made him one of the country's top advisors.

2012 Independent Broker-Dealer Survey: Swimming In Shallow Water


Broker-dealers face a stagnant rep pool, shrinking margins and the choke hold of regulators. But it's been a boon to the biggest consolidators.

The Anatomy Of The Boomer Retirement Market

by Somnath Basu

They are woefully unprepared for retirement. The problem could be bigger than the 2008 financial crisis, requiring a new round of bailouts.

Success Breeds Envy

by Brian Hamburger

Wirehouses and banks wage their most successful battle yet against RIAs.

Creating A Social Media Policy

by David Lawrence

A good one should include these six elements.

Defining 'Fiduciary' In Three Dimensions

by Donald B. Trone

We concluded it should be defined from legal, behavorial and principles standpoints.

Family Tree

by Mary Rowland

Knowing how to work with families means understanding their relationships.

Intangibles And Values

by Roy Diliberto

What is it about what we do that attracts and retains clients?

The Changing RIA

by Bernie Clark

Advisors need to start thinking bigger and go beyond their current capabilities.

Upping Their Game

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

The latest versions of eMoney Advisor's wealth management software offer significant improvements.

Overlooked Dividend Plays


Business development companies offer some of the market's juiciest yields.

Winning Equities Sectors

by Eric Uhlfelder

High barriers to entry, sales leadership, access to emerging markets, attractive and growing earnings and dividends, and businesses less prone to destructive innovation are hallmarks of...

Opening Doors

by Marla Brill

Emerging markets ETFs have given investors the chance to focus on hot markets. But are these ETFs too specific?

Building A Better Sharpe Ratio

by James Picerno

The granddaddy of risk metrics endures, but it needs help.

Fixed-Income Bonding

by Michelle Knight

Abandoning bonds for dividend-paying stocks may seem like a "no-brainer," but think again.

Long-Term Scares


More companies pull out of the long-term-care insurance market and rates are rising.

Why Dividends Are Still Hot

by Marla Brill

Although a strict value discipline can cause this fund to lag, it has offered strong performance for patient investors.

More 401(k) Avenues

by Juliette Fairley

Demand is increasing for advisors who can help companies with their retirement plans.

MPT-A Tool, Not An Answer

by Scott A. MacKillop

Improving the data we use and how we evaluate results will lead us to the best conclusions for clients.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Editor's Note

A Bailout For Boomers?

Editor's Note

Frontline News

Keeping Up In An Evolving Space

Scalability. Profit pressures. Self-directed investing. Increased use of mobile applications...

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Juggling Act - Saving For Both Retirement And College

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