September 2012

Not Making The Grade


Financial advisors aren't as fiduciary as they should be, a new survey finds.

Easy As Pie

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

MoneyGuide Pro: G3 Sets a new standard of excellence for financial planning software.

Marx, Lenin And Hoover


Two serious thinkers offer their perspectives on what's wrong around the world.

Mister Dow 5,000 Strikes Again!

by Nick Murray

It will be recalled by anyone with an adult memory that Mr...

Black Box Retrieval

by Mary Rowland

Gregory Curtis's new book presses advisors to deconstruct the investing process for their clients.

Less Is More

by Mitch Anthony

That philosophy is taking hold in our culture and may make people happier.

Dare To Be Different

by David Lawrence

It's the best way to attract new clients and build business.

The Point Of Triangulation

by Donald B. Trone

The coordinates of a higher professional standard of care.

Jive Talkin'

by Eric L. Reiner

Even if the next president carries out his tax proposals, the economic impact could be different from what's promised.

"X" Hits The Spot

by Jeff Schlegel

Global X's ETFs take investors into very targeted corners of the market.

Bridging The Gap

by Ben Mattlin

Turning a difference in age from an obstacle into an asset.

The Role Of The CEO

by Joni Youngwirth

Thinking of hiring a CEO? Here's what you should expect her to do.

2012: Seeking Yield

by Maureen Nevin Duffy

More investors are piling into muni bonds, but certain cities face intractable economic difficulties.

Absolute Tonic Water?


Fund firms are offering an apple to investors: absolute positive returns.

The Big Exit

by James Picerno

Deciding if it's time to hold-or fold-when a fund manager leaves.

From Red To Blue

by Thomas M. Kostigen

Investors should benefit from ongoing efforts to improve poor water management around the world.

Bargain Scavenger

by Marla Brill

Steve Romick's contrarian style has helped FPA Crescent Fund outperform over the long term.

The Price Of Old Age

by Alan Lavine

Longevity insurance may appeal to some clients who want guaranteed income late in life.

Measuring Your Life

by Dennis Stearns

A new book may provide you and your clients with the right tools for a happier life.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

IW Financial And Glass Lewis Expand Partnership IW Financial, a research firm specializing in environmental and social data, and investor research firm Glass Lewis & Co...

Editor's Note

Two Controversies


Only 18 months after counseling investors that most fixed-income securities were unattractive investments and equities offered better potential returns, Pimco's Bill Gross reverted to pronouncing...

Frontline News

Working Longer Greatly Improves Retirement Readiness

Most people won't be prepared for retirement at age 65, but they will be by age 70, largely because of increased Social Security payments, concludes a report by the Center for Retirement Research...

RIA Acquisitions Poised To Accelerate

A growing number of large RIAs are preparing their firms for sale, and more than a few are retaining investment bankers to draw up the required financial documents any acquirer would demand,...

Finra Fines On Pace To Exceed 2011 Totals

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra) fines and disciplinary actions for 2012 are on track to significantly outpace those for 2011, according to a midyear review from the law firm...

Alternatives Conference Educates Advisors, Expands Focus

Alternative investments might be getting more mainstream, but investors--and their financial advisors--still have lots of questions about how they work and how to deploy them in portfolios...