October 2013

A More Perfect Partnership

by Philip Palaveev

Five cornerstones can help your firm’s partners develop the right mentality for success.

Muni Maze

by Evan Simonoff

Municipal bondholders grapple with a future of cities and states some of which will be unable to pay their bills.

Keeping It In The Family

by Mary Rowland

Families that hold on to wealth for several generations share certain traits.

The Spirit Of Being A Fiduciary

by Roy Diliberto

A fiduciary should feel a moral obligation to clients.

Distractions Cost Money

by David Lawrence

Ten tips may help you overcome them.

10 Little Things

by Bill Bachrach

Small steps can produce big happiness dividends.

A Long-Term Relationship

by Donald B. Trone

Clients are looking for only one thing when they choose an advisor for the long term.

Drilling Deeper

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Landowners leasing their land for fracking are a niche being captured by some advisors.

Upping The Ante

by Joel Bruckenstein

Advisors are demanding that competitive brokerage firms up their tech offerings.

Uncommon Talents

by Karen DeMasters

FA’s 2013 All-Star Research Manager team is announced.

Elbow Room For China

by Eric Rasmussen

China has suffered from slow growth for several years, but there are still opportunities for patient investors, say portfolio managers.

Bide Time On Bond Funds

by Alan Lavine

Tread cautiously with closed-end bond fund initial public offerings.

An Eye For The Exotic

by Marla Brill

This manager says frontier market investments may reduce portfolio volatility and offer attractive earnings.

Shock And Awe

by Eric L. Reiner

Higher taxes on large incomes are driving year-end plans.

Depths And Breadths

by Richard B. Wagner

Financial planning needs a theory that gives it beauty, wisdom, texture and substance.

Plotting A Course

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Financial advisors are adjusting bond allocations in client portfolios to decrease interest-rate sensitivity and capture higher yields.

Navigating A Rising Interest Rate World

by FA Staff

Expected interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve have produced volatile fixed-income markets that are extremely challenging for many investors...

Advisor Emporium

ING Builds Wealth Management Platform

by FA Staff

ING Financial Partners has launched a new wealth management platform that gives advisors a complete picture of their clients’ finances.

Editor's Note

Is This Business Climate Too Good?

by Evan Simonoff

To borrow the title of a 1990s movie, it seems the current business climate for financial advisors is almost as good as it gets.

Frontline News

Overseas Retirement

by Jeff Schlegel

The thought of retiring overseas is no longer a fringe idea, and one organization has identified what it believes are the bet retirement locales.

RIAs More Active In M&A Deals, But Deal Volume Falls

by FA Staff

RIAs remain willing players in the mergers and acquisitions game within the profession, but outsiders appear to be less enthused.

Mutual Fund For Activist Investing

by Jeff Schlegel

The 13D Activist Fund bills itself as the only mutual fund using shareholder activism as an investment strategy.

DOL Fiduciary Rule Won’t ‘Outlaw’ Commissions

by FA Staff

Assistant Secretary of Labor Phyllis Borzi said "problematic" transactions may be allowed as long as they are accompanied by the proper disclosures.

Finra Sanctions On The Decline In 2013

by FA Staff

The pace of fines and disciplinary actions imposed by Finra are slowing after four years of increased activity, according to analysis from the law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan.

Few Advisors Deal With Four D’s

by FA Staff

When it comes to their clients and partners, few financial planners want to deal with the issues of death, divorce, disability and drug abuse.

Be Advised

by Nathan Greenwald

Not all sub-advised mutual funds are created equal, an important consideration for investors when choosing funds.