Success is the cumulative result of the little things. Here are 10 “little” things that can add up to make a big difference in your success and happiness in business and in life.

1. Buy a nice pen. Invest at least $100. I’m not saying it should be a diamond-studded, Donald Trumpian ostentatious piece of bling. Go to a high-end stationery or department store and write with several of its better pens. Buy the one that feels the best in your hand, regardless of the price. Think about all the notes you take when you are with a prospect or client. Wouldn’t it be great to be taking those notes with a high-quality instrument? Think about all of the important things prospects and clients tell you. Aren’t those important comments worth writing down with a high-quality instrument that feels great in your hands and whose ink flows smoothly on to the paper? And what about when you hand your pen to your new client to sign the documents that transfer their life savings to you? Or to sign that big insurance application or their living trust? What message does it send when you hand them an 89 cent piece of crap pen or the freebie you picked up from the fund company at the last conference? “Here you go. Let’s memorialize you hiring me to help you achieve your goals and fulfill your values with this POS.” Maybe it’s not such a little thing. And don’t kid yourself that you’ll lose it. When you invest big money in a nice pen, you keep track of it.

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