October 2018

A Story 120 Years In The Making


Bartlett Wealth Management’s team explains how to run a firm for more than a century.

What Managing A Client Relationship Means


Being a relationship manager means understanding what clients will want before they ask for it.

Howard Marks On Mastering Market Cycles


Quality companies and good investments are very different species. Cycles are inevitably different, says Oaktree's Howard Marks.

Seven Year-End Retirement Planning Strategies


Check these items before year’s end.

Peering Into The Unknown


Succession planning means planning for the unexpected.

Building The Perfect Tech


Do you try to make it in-house? Or do you go out and get it?

What Matters Most


Advisors who want to work with the super-rich must understand the human element, too.

AgTech Grows


Food is garnering huge investments and providing big returns on capital.

Preparing For A Rainy Day


If the long equity bull market has overstayed its welcome, will people start thinking of alternatives?

The Bull On Wobbly Legs


Suzanne Hutchins runs the Dreyfus Global Real Return Fund with defense in mind.

Tax Cuts Part II

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Get ready for Phase II of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Aging Advisors Are Turning Into Clients


What’s the problem with older advisors and traditional retirement planning?

Advisor Emporium

MRA Advisory Taps RightCapital For Client Tools


MRA Advisory Group (formerly Morris Retirement Advisors) has announced a new free financial planning tool for clients called WealthBuilder Planning.

Editor's Note

Is Bad News Good News?


It hasn’t escaped my notice that the current financial news cycle is replete with stories from wise men like Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio predicting that the next financial crisis will be bad, but not...

Frontline News

Why This RIA Firm’s Growth Is Through The Roof


AE Wealth Management is particular about the type of advisors it brings on board.

RIAs Boosted Registered AUM By Nearly 17% In The Last Year


The RIA segment continues to grow rapidly, now serving more than 34 million clients.

Financial Words Your Clients May Not Understand


Do your clients eyes glaze over when you mention these terms?

The Most And Least Valuable College Majors


With college costs under scrutiny, people increasingly want to know which majors deliver the goods.

Have ETFs Enabled Day Trader Nation?


Some people argue that ETFs have seduced people into hyperactive trading.