The Covid-19 pandemic has led to extended tax deadlines, but it hasn't reduced U.S. residents' tax obligations.

Moreover, these tax burdens are not spread out evenly, according to research by WalletHub.

The personal finance website looked at state and local tax rates throughout the nation and ranked states by the tax burden they impose on their residents. In this case, "tax burden" means proportion of total personal income that residents use to pay state and local taxes.

The study looked at property, individual income and excise taxes.

In the final analysis, the following states, in ascending order, had the highest tax burdens (numbers in paranthesis indicate a state's rank in that category):

10. Iowa
Total tax burden: 9.53%
Property tax burden: 3.47% (15)
Individual income tax burden: 2.54% (16)
Total sales and excise tax burden: 3.52% (22)