We first engaged Mark about half my life ago. He was a pioneer in RIA practice management at Moss Adams. We managed about $100 million at the time, and Mark used to spend a day per year with us whipping us into shape and keeping us headed in a good direction.

I recall him telling me we were really, really profitable. I smiled, puffed my chest and said thanks. He promptly told me that this was not a compliment. He pointed out that we were way too profitable and not investing enough in our business.

If we did not make the investments in the people, process and technology required to create a real business, we were a disaster waiting to happen.

After momentarily eating humble pie, we recognized the wisdom in his advice and followed it. Most consultants would not be so direct and honest. He was. And it worked. Twenty-five years later, we are approaching $10 billion in assets and employ more than 200 people.

I am confident that Savant is way better off as result of Mark’s sage advice, as I am personally. And I am grateful, as are all the clients we have helped over the years, for the opportunity to have been one of Mark’s top students and for having benefited from his wise counsel! Thanks, Mark.

—Brent Brodeski, CEO, Savant Capital Management


Mark has been a friend, teacher, mentor to me for most of my career. Mark inspired me to create a financial literacy program at the small high school I graduated from. From his days at Moss Adams, he has been a giant in our profession, always willing to generously share his knowledge with others. Mark has spent his entire career helping others and setting the highest bar for integrity, expertise and paying it forward. Thank you, Mark. 

—Bob Glovsky, Vice Chair and Principal, The Colony Group


Mark has done more for the RIA community than anyone else, and to me is like the Warren Buffett of the RIA community.

Mark is kind, warm, humble, funny, sincere, caring, patient and intelligent.

He is willing to help anyone at any stage of their career. He is a mentor to all and modest enough to have his own “reverse mentor.”

Mark is always up to date on the latest shifts in the industry without forgetting the basics and often has a beat on where it is going before most.

Who else could get up on a stage month after month, year after year, decade after decade with no power point or theatrical oratory presence and have standing room only crowds hang on every word? Thanks Mark! 

—Michael Goodman, President, Wealthstream Advisors Inc.


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