Mark is the definition of a wonderful and successful leader. He makes everyone he comes into contact with better—and want to be better. He is always open to everyone’s ideas and viewpoints, and his intellectual curiosity and breadth of knowledge is inspiring. For almost 25 years, he has had a huge impact on me professionally and personally. He was the first to really open my eyes and educate me on the business of providing financial advice and the importance of being financially sustainable in order to take great care of clients. His contributions have been and are immeasurable and everlasting. Thank you, Mark.

—Greg Friedman, President and CEO, Private Ocean Wealth Management


Mentor And Supporter Of The Next Generation Of Talent
Mark has always been committed to ensuring that the financial advice profession, regardless of business model, became smarter and more inclusive, while generously sharing his wisdom with anyone who asked or needed it. While the industry is losing a great leader in Mark, his real legacy will be found in his efforts fostering the development of the next generation of leaders. Thank you, Mark.

—Kate Healy, Managing Director, Generation Next, TD Ameritrade Institutional


What I appreciate most about Mark is that he treats everyone with respect regardless of age, gender or background. Whether you’re a janitor or a CEO, it made no difference.

I met Mark when I was a 22-year-old corporate trainee at Pershing, completely unsure of myself and the value I could add to an organization at that age. When we proposed implementing a reverse mentoring program at Pershing, Mark's immediate response was, "Count me in!" Fast-forward to nearly 10 years later. Learning from, being a mentor to and gaining a friend in one of the most highly respected leaders in our industry has truly changed my life personally and professionally. There are seldom senior leaders who actually walk the walk when it comes to wanting to connect, mentor and learn from the next generation. I’m extremely fortunate to be a recipient of Mark’s relentless conquest for bettering himself (as if he even needs that!) and others around him. He took a chance on me and I am a better leader and industry advocate because of him. Thank you, Mark.

—Kayla Kennelly, Director of Advisor Partnerships, Facet Wealth


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