Before the fall of 2016, I had never even heard of “financial literacy.” I had never heard of a financial advisor. I didn't understand the importance of knowing how to manage money or what a 401(k) even meant. I didn't feel passionate about any topic or career choice that, at the time, I thought I wanted to do. That is, until I decided to take a personal finance course during my senior year.

During the class, our teacher, Erika Fix, kept mentioning that none of this would be possible without a man named Mark Tibergien. Our class would talk and say "Who is this man?” “Why our school?” “Why Personal Finance of all topics?” These materials, these resources, and the overall experience were all provided by a man who started something amazing and would grant an endless positive impact on Gladstone High School students, including myself. Because of him, I was able to set eyes on a career that I could finally feel passionate about: finance.

My grandma always says that there will be a few people in our lives that walk in and grant us these amazing opportunities, and they usually come when we least expect it. Mark is exactly that. It is a dream of mine to carry on his legacy and be able to adopt my own school one day and provide the same experience to students. The best part? I am only one of the many, many people that share this inspiration from Mark.

Mark left an everlasting impact on my career choice, my goals and aspirations, and my overall mindset. I will never be able to fully put into words my appreciation for everything he has done for me and this industry. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Mark Tibergien.

—Caitlyn Gimler, Former Student and Scholarship Recipient, Gladstone High School


Leader, Teacher, Advocate, Volunteer…and Sensational Crooner?
Mark is a visionary leader who has made a profound impact on the financial planning profession and whose contributions will benefit generations of financial planners to come. Mark generously provided his time, talent and treasure to help launch the CFP Board’s Center for Financial Planning and, to this day, continues to encourage and support our work to create a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession, so that all Americans have access to competent and ethical financial planning advice.

For your far-reaching impact on countless CFP professionals, those aspiring to join our profession, our staff at CFP Board—and, most importantly, the public, Thank you, Mark Tibergien.

—Kevin Keller, CEO, CFP Board


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