Prices Lowered
For ING TermSmart

ING has lowered the price for its ING TermSmart products and made improvements including adding an underwriting class and liberalizing certain underwriting guidelines.
"Our reentrance into the term market is picking up steam and our competitors are paying attention," said Alan S. Lurty, senior vice president of commodity markets for ING's Life Business Group.
Among the changes to ING TermSmart and ING TermSmart*NY are:
• Reducing rates in most ages and classes
• Adding a "Select No Tobacco" underwriting class, making the product more flexible
• Policy fee for $100,000-$199,999 face amounts of $60 is now commissionable
• Decreased noncommissionable policy fee to $50 at $200,000-plus face amounts
• Liberalized age and amount criteria
• Eliminated cancer deaths and deaths of siblings as criteria for "Super Preferred" and "Preferred No Tobacco" classes
• Increased weight maximums, especially for women
• Increased maximum cholesterol limit, and now allowing treated cholesterol for "Super Preferred No Tobacco"
For more information about ING TermSmart and ING TermSmart*NY, life insurance producers should contact their ING representative, or contact ING's National Sales Support Team at 866-ING-SELL.

Legacy Planning
Web Site Opened
A new Web site lets clients document their life story, make their final wishes known and even craft a final message for loved ones to see after their death.
"There are a myriad of significant details that are often left unsaid, unplanned and open to guesswork after one‚s death," explains Mark Colgan, CFP, founder of and president of Colgan Capital.

First American Launches Retirement Fund
First American Funds is launching a fund-of-funds designed to produce monthly dividends that can provide retirement income or be reinvested.
The First American Income Builder Fund has a mix of high-yield bonds, U.S. government mortgage-backed securities, real estate securities, and large-cap value stocks to allow investors participation in the market–potentially earning more than bonds alone–with less risk than holding stocks.
Call 800.677.FUND or visit for the prospectus.

MassMutual Unveils New Retirement Account
MassMutual unveiled the Retirement Management Account (RMA), an advisory program and rollover IRA enabling financial advisors to help clients turn qualified retirement savings into inflation-protected monthly payouts that last their lifetime.
The RMA makes available mutual funds and a multiple premium immediate annuity. It features a retirement income-planning tool for advisors to create individualized income management strategies for each client.
MassMutual is on the Internet at

Socially Responsible Retirement Program Offered
Co-op America, a national nonprofit organization, is teaming with Social(k) to offer 3,500 Co-op America Business Network members a 401(k) platform of socially responsible investment (SRI) funds.
The Social(k) program includes more than 100 screened socially responsible funds, rather than the usual one or two, and over 600 traditional, nonscreened funds to provide greater choice in determining a retirement portfolio mix.
For more information, see

Vanguard Says Farewell To VIPERs
Vanguard has announced it is changing the name of its VIPER Shares to Vanguard ETFs. The ticker symbols for the funds will remain unchanged
"Simply put, Vanguard ETFs better describe our product offering," says Martha Papariello, a Vanguard principal for Financial Advisor Services.
For more information on Vanguard ETF Shares, visit or call 866-499-8473.