For the second month in a row, financial advisors' outlook on the economy and the stock market is on the upswing, according to new data.
   Rydex AdvisorBenchmarking says its Advisor Confidence Index (ACI) shows a 1.97% increase in June, which marks the first time in the index's 15-month history that the ACI has increased two months in a row.
   The ACI is currently at 116.45, which is between neutral and positive on the overall index scale, according to Rydex.
   Breaking down the index further, the data showed that advisors are most upbeat about the stock market, with an 11.69% rise in this component of the confidence index. The 12-month outlook on the economy went up 1.04% in June.
   Advisors, however, were more pessimistic in their short-term view of the economy. The confidence index on the six-month economic outlook was down 2.89% and the current economic outlook was down 0.84%.