iNation, the creators of NationBuilder, the Web-based CRM/email portal for financial professionals, recently announced two strategic alliances designed to enhance the NationBuilder platform.
   Through a partnership with Albridge Solutions, a Web-based provider of portfolio accounting and performance reporting, NationBuilder subscribers will be able to access NationBuilder's CRM data and Albridge's portfolio data through a single secure Web portal. Initially, clients will be able to view information from both platforms without having to switch between the programs.
   According to iNation President Gary Bennett, further integration is planned. When the enhancements are implemented advisors will be able to launch marketing campaigns and analyze results from a single location, using information from both sources.
   Through the deal with Laser App, NationBuilder subscribers will be able to log on, choose a client and select a form from the Laser App library. The application will then "pull" client data directly from the NationBuilder system and use it to populate the selected form. Once completed, the form can be printed, saved, emailed or faxed.
   Currently, the Laser App library is comprised of over 8,000 distinct forms. The library contains forms for major broker dealers, custodians, mutual funds, annuity product and insurance products.

-Joel Bruckenstein