Financial Profiles has announced the release of its much anticipated Universal Desktop Application (UDA), the new platform containing its planning and needs analysis tools. The UDA is a hybrid platform that delivers the capabilities of desktop and Web-based applications in a single package.  
    Both Profiles+ Forecaster and Profiles+ Professional are available on the UDA platform, offering advisors enhanced client functionality and case management. The UDA system also facilitates oversight, business reporting and analysis at the corporate level.
    The UDA enables advisors to work in both online and offline modes within the same user interface. When online, advisors have access to cases stored locally as well as those on a centralized server. When operating in the offline mode, the advisor can create, edit, save and print plans.
   "With UDA, financial service enterprises no longer have to choose between the robust and responsive user interface of a stand-alone desktop and the centralized data storage and reporting capabilities of a Web-based application," said Keith Washington, vice president of client services for Financial Profiles. "Now, they can have both"

-Joel Bruckenstein