Financial planners are volunteering their time to help military people with the financial wounds they've suffered in recent years.
   Speaking in the wake of reports that 900 wounded service people have been burdened by debts because of flawed government computer systems, Daniel Moisand, president of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), said, "these soldiers incurred this debt through absolutely no fault of their own."
   Moisand added that FPA members are currently working with the Walter Reed Medical Center to set up pro bono financial planning services to injured military personnel who have returned from combat in Iraq or Afghanistan.
   "Now that Congress has revealed what Rep. Tom Davis calls 'financial friendly fire,' we hope we can help some of these service people financially recover," Moisand said. "Over there they worry about IEDs. Over here they shouldn't have to worry about financial landmines carelessly left lying about their own government."