National Financial has integrated service resolution, tracking and reporting into its Streetscape workstation.
   The company, a unit of Fidelity Investments, says its Service Center technology will give its 346 broker-dealers and their 70,000 brokers greater speed and flexibility in serving clients.
   The technology includes new request screens designed to provide more accurate data entry, processing rules that better direct inquiries to the proper National Financial service team and real-time reporting capabilities, according to the company.
   In addition to Service Center, online educational and training support tools have been added to the workstation. Power Demos, which provides a visual demonstration of Streetscape functions, was added to the platform in October. E-Learning, training modules on specific Streetscape functions, will be added later this year, according to the company.
   "In today's competitive environment, providing responsive, accurate and timely service can be the difference between brokers winning and losing a client," said Mark Healy, executive vice president and chief operating officer of National Financial.