Greg Friedman and Ken Golding, principals at CRM Software, the developers of Junxure CRM software and ClientView office management software, recently announced the formation of Your Silver Bullet, LLC, a membership organization dedicated to promoting software integration within the financial services industry.

   The purpose of the organization is to help financial advisors create their own "silver bullet"-to create their own "personalized best of breed" technology solution through the purchase of multiple software programs that can act in concert and share data.

   "One thing that Ken and I heard loud and clear at the recent Technology Tools for Today Conference is that advisors are demanding better software integration." Friedman said. "Many software companies, including ours, are anxious to provide it. But in order to rationalize the process, vendors need to agree on some ground rules and some standards. We believe that Your Silver Bullet will lead to the creation of the standards this industry needs"

   "Membership will be open to any company that meets certain criteria. This will include an open database structure and commitment to creating data interfaces with other members' applications," he said. Initial members cover a wide variety of types of applications, including CRM applications, portfolio management, financial planning and third party service providers.

   "Your Silver Bullet will lead to enhanced integration between software applications in an advisor's office," Friedman said. "The organization will provide an avenue to formally promote and accelerate communication between independent vendors which is great news for advisors."

   More information about the group can be found at