Advisors' confidence in the economy and stock market rebounded in April after taking a record plunge in March, according to Rydex AdvisorBenchmarking Inc.
   The Advisor Confidence Index (ACI)-which takes a monthly survey of advisors' attitudes toward the economy and markets-revealed that advisors grew more confident in the stock market and the short-term economic outlook.
   The ACI increased 3.2% in April, from 112.50 to 116.11. In March, the ACI took a dramatic plunge from 123.88-the largest one-month drop since Rydex created the benchmark.
   A breakdown of the survey results showed a 6.77% gain in advisors' stock market outlook, a 3.46% gain in the six-month economic outlook and a 3% gain in the current economic outlook.
   Advisors, however, saw their confidence level drop 0.29% when it came to the 12-month economic outlook.