ProTracker Software, seeking to capitalize on the recent demise of PortfolioCenter Relationship Manager (PRM), has created a special offer for current PRM customers. ProTracker Software recently announced that it will offer PRM customers an equal number of ProTracker Advantage licenses free of charge for the remainder of their current PRM subscription period. In addition, ProTracker Software will convert PRM user data to the ProTracker Advantage format free of charge. Upon the expiration of the PRM subscription period, ProTracker Advantage licenses will be renewed at the prevailing ProTracker Advantage maintenance price.

ProTracker Advantage is a practice management system originally designed by an independent financial advisor for use in his own practice. Its features include an intuitive graphical user interface, email archiving, built-in document organization, marketing reports, regulatory reports, workflow processes, a retirement projection calculator and a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) calculator.