This month, we will guide you through establishing a "value mindset" and developing your own Value Mindset Skill Model by outlining the five steps for you. By the end of our discussion, you will be able to 1) properly begin the client dialogue; 2) demonstrate a leadership position by directing the flow of the conversation; and 3) initiate a meeting with a mindset of value.

Note: If you are a veteran advisor reading this, please don't be turned off by some of the dialogue that may sound like beginner coaching. We have discovered, in our training classes and in our retreats with successful advisors, that (they tell us) many of the basics of client relationships and rapport-building need refreshing and new strategies are appreciated. New perspectives are especially critical for those dealing with skeptical high-net-worth prospects, who are paying particular attention these days to the words "trust," "value" and "accountability."

The Five Steps To A Value Mindset

You've heard the adage, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." That being said, having a skill model to help you focus your conversation (think before you speak), to make that good first impression, and help keep you on track will differentiate you from the start.

To help you create your value mindset, let's first outline the five steps of the Value Mindset Skill Model (below), and then we'll discuss them in depth:

Step One: Develop Rapport or Reconnect

Step Two: State Your Objectives

Step Three: Confirm Client/Prospect Expect-


Step Four: Confirm the Time

Step Five: Bridge to the Next Appropriate Direction in the Meeting

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