Currencies, like gold, have their limitations.

Once upon a time there was a king. His name was Midas. Midas loved gold more than anything. It was on his mind day and night. "More gold," he constantly obsessed. It was all he could think about. It was all he thought he needed.

Midas had a daughter, Marigold. He loved Marigold as only a father can loved a daughter. He lived in a beautiful castle. He ate wonderful foods and drank astonishing beverages. His clothes were only the finest! His gardens were magnificent. But, still, he craved more gold.

The gods answered his prayers. One day an angel appeared...

Well, this is not Paul Harvey. I am guessing you already know what happens. To refresh your memory, the angel empowered Midas to turn all he touched into gold. He woke up with alchemic powers and gleefully spent his morning turning everything he could touch into gold. This included his castle and its furnishings, his food, his drink, his clothes, his flowers...everything.

After awhile, Midas got hungry. But when he touched his food to eat. Presto! Gold.

"Wonderful!" thought he. Then he tried to smell it. Not much bouquet. Tried to taste it. Pretty dry. Tried to chew it. Oops! There went a tooth. Drink!? Same deal.

"This is a problem," thought Midas. But the worst was yet to come. In thoughtless despair, he hugged Marigold. She, too, turned into gold, a statue, not a daughter. Midas was beside himself with grief, wailing regret.

The angel returned. Midas begged him to reverse his thoughtless goldenizing.

Fortunately for Midas, he got the mulligan ... but it was mighty scary for awhile.

Silly Midas. Though he thought gold could meet his needs, he failed to grasp either gold or his needs.

Most of us learned the King Midas story as a cautionary tale of greed incarnate. I suggest a different slant. I suggest it as a fable of misplaced faith.

So here is us. This community. This country. This planet. It appears we think money is the answer. It is on our minds day and night. "More money," we obsess. Sometimes, it seems it is all we can think about.

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