Advisors who want to keep up with clients’ hunger for all things crypto currency will soon have education options designed specifically for their needs.

The Financial Planning Association (FPA), the 22,000-member financial advisor trade group, and the RIA Digital Assets Council (RIADAC), a crypto educational source for financial planners, announced a strategic partnership today to provide education to financial planners interested in understanding and using blockchain and digital assets.
Some 80% of financial advisors field questions from clients about bitcoin, but only 8% can adequately explain digital assets, according to RIADAC. As cryptocurrency gains traction as a more mainstream investment, “now is the time for financial planners to build competency in this asset class,” the trade groups said in a press release.

“I’m pleased FPA has this opportunity to work with RIADAC to build our members’ competency in digital assets, which will allow them to augment their knowledge and better serve clients,” FPA CEO Patrick D. Mahoney said.

The strategic partnership is slated to provide educational programming and a wide range of content to help FPA members understand the complexities of cryptocurrencies and provide expert advice on how the asset class can impact their clients’ financial plans.

“As the leading membership association for certified Ffinancial planner professionals, we need to be on the cutting edge of supporting our members as they look to sharpen their knowledge and build their competencies,” Mahoney added.

“Gaining vital knowledge about this new asset class will help financial planners attract more clients and serve them better,” said Ric Edelman, a vocal proponent of digital assets and founder of RIADAC and Edelman Financial Engines. “We’re honored to be partnering with FPA to help financial planners who are committed to serving their clients’ best interests.”

RIADAC’s educational content will be available to FPA members through the following channels:
• RIADAC’s certificate in blockchain and digital assets: FPA members who enroll in the organizaton’s certificate program will receive a 50% discount. The first-of-its-kind certification is designed to provide planners with “practical literacy on blockchain and digital assets and introduces available options for a firm’s investment management strategy,” the group said. The inaugural class debuts Apr. 30.
• A dedicated FPA blockchain and digital assets website: FPA members will have access to a new online community featuring industry and academic thought leaders and a place to interact with peers.   

• Journal of Financial Planning, the FPA’s flagship magazine, will feature regular articles from RIADAC with advisor-centric crypto content designed to help planners understand blockchain and digital assets.
• The FPA annual conference: Edelman will lead a session on blockchain and digital assets at the conference in Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 22-24.