Its tough to stretch a dollar while living in retirement on a fixed income. Fortunately for retirees or retirees-in-the-making, American dollars go a lot farther abroad in some countries than they do at home, according to MoneyWise, a personal finance website.

A select number of international retirement destinations not only offer a safe and secure environment, set amid scenic beauty with plenty to see and do, but in many cases, affordable health-care options. Its no wonder an increasing number of Americans are saying adios to high prices and taking their retirement dollars with them to another country.

MoneyWise focused on international destinations where seniors can affordably retire in Latin America, Europe and Asia and offered tips on how to cut through those nations’ red tape to plant roots for retirement.

Here, in ascending order, are MoneyWise’s top 15 international locations to retire on with $200,000 or less in savings.

15. Slovenia

Slovenia’s central location makes continental travel easy and affordable; a one-bedroom apartment in the capital of Ljubljana rents for about $600 a month, according to cost-of-living website Numbeo. You’ll need compulsory state health insurance, a visa and proof of income before retiring there.

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