Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers!

Today we have a full agenda of the latest fintech and wealthtech news for you. First up is a post on AT&T’s new foray into crypto payments through its partnership with Atlanta-based Bitpay.We also have a new 3 Questions feature with Rod Ebrahimi of Upturn, plus a look at a new integration partnership between Quik! and Redtail CRM offering a cloud-based mobile app that enables financial professionals to easily and quickly complete forms from their mobile devices. The trend toward the utilization of more mobile—and social media—apps for advisors is one that is definitely on the rise this year. One of the hottest new weatlhtech firms in America right now, Chalice Financial Network, announced a new integration with tax-planning tech firm LifeYield and a new Reg-BI (Regulation Best Interest) readiness platform this past week, as part of its ongoing integration offerings for advisor members. Other fintech-related content included here is a piece on fintech start-up Talagent Financial, a new entrant into the risk-tolerance field that's currently dominated by Riskalyze, and a look at how a handful of advisors are starting to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enhance their tech stack and improve their financial offerings to clients. Finally, we take a look at the most recent wealthtech media announcements from the past week from our resident expert Vasyl Solushchuk. Read up and be in the “fintech know”!

Cindy Taylor, Publisher

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