In a joining of old and new, Chicago-based Oranj announced on Thursday the addition of Value Line Funds to its model marketplace for advisors.

Value Line Funds’ venerable lineup, launched in 1950, will be offered via Oranj’s “free-to-low-cost” wealth management platform – which was first introduced as a scaled-down free offering in 2017.

“Value Line Funds’ approach to process, research, and focused strategies for its mutual funds is a value-add for financial advisors and a great addition to our model marketplace,” said David Lyon, CEO and founder of Oranj, in released comments. “The successful track record of their funds is a testament to the actively managed investment process that they utilize.”

Value Line Funds uses proprietary research and ranking to drive investment decisions, originally based on a method of normalizing the value of different companies using a multiple of cash flow in order to rank them based on the likelihood that they would grow in the future – today, not all of the firm’s products adhere to the fundamental methodology.

Oranj originally launched as a roboadvisor-like platform for advisors and clients, with web portals for clients that included account aggregation, communications and marketing tools, and streamlined account opening. Since then, it has upgraded its portfolio management capabilities and added trading and rebalancing capabilities via the acquisition of TradeWarrior.

In March, Oranj announced that Allianz Global Investors had joined its model marketplace. Since its inception, the firm has continuously grown a list of partners offering models, funds, and ETFs for advisors to use in client portfolios.

Other partners on the Oranj platform include SpiderRock Advisors, BlackRock, Pimco, WisdomTree, Direxion, Oppenheimer Funds and Frost Investment Advisors.