An Essex County Superior Court jury in New Jersey on Monday awarded $2.4 million in compensatory damages to a former PNC Bank wealth manager in a sexual harassment case.

According to the complaint, Damara Scott was exiting PNC Bank in Glen Ridge, N.J. six years ago when a business and investment customer, who was known to bank managers as a serial harasser of women, allegedly made lewd remarks to her.

The customer, Patrick Pignatello, 77, then allegedly sped up to approach Scott from behind, muttering vulgarities as she walked to her car. He then put his hands on her and pumped his groin into her backside, according to the complaint.

The complaint said Scott was shaken and promptly reported the incident to the branch manager as well as PNC Bank’s internal investigation department and local law enforcement, but the bank took no action to bar Pignatello after the incident, or even after his arrest.

Pignatello, who was arrested for criminal sexual contact after he attacked Scott in and outside the vestibule at the Glen Ridge branch, died prior to arraignment.

The complaint further noted an incident where upon being introduced to a female mortgage representative, rather than shaking her outstretched hand, Pignatello embraced her and rested his head on her breasts. He allegedly also made inappropriate, sexually charged remarks to female employees, the complaint said.

Nancy Erika Smith of Smith Mullin in Montclair, N.J., who represented Scott along with co-counsel Randy Davenport of Elizabeth, N.J., said the jury believed that PNC had failed to provide a safe workplace for Scott.

“One of the great things about our justice system is that citizens can sit in judgment on powerful corporations and hold them accountable," said Smith. "Women are tired of employers who tolerate sexual harassment.”