The payoff for you is easily measured:

•  More revenue from planning and advice fees.

•  More revenue from AUM.

•  More revenue from other advice implemented.

•  More referrals, which means much less time and money invested in marketing.

How do you cross these two bridges?

First, make sure you are not in relationship denial. If you are closed to the possibility that some of your clients, even some of your best clients, may have money with other advisors and institutions that you don’t know about, then it’s not likely you will make the choices and take the actions necessary to bring your client relationships to the next level. Are you open to that possibility?

If you are, your next step is to elevate your client value. How can you improve everything you currently do for your existing clients? Here are four words that might help.

Visual. How can you make everything you do more visually interesting and therefore make it easier for your clients to understand everything they receive from working with you?

Engage. What can you do to engage both spouses in the conversations about their future and the financial decisions necessary to make that future a reality while protecting against the inherent risks of life and world events?