FA: That’s too bad. It sounds like she was very influential in your life. What are some of the best lessons you learned from Susan?
Client: Wow, there were so many. Two that stand out were how she was always willing to put my fun ahead of hers on the ski slope and how she never complains about what she can’t do anymore. Her motto is, “Don’t whine about what you can no longer do, instead be happy about the memories you have from when you could.”

FA: And how has that impacted your life?
Client: In just about every way I can think of! It’s made me a better parent because I’m more patient and optimistic with my kids. It’s made me more successful in my business because I’m more effective with my clients and my employees. And I’m generally a happier person because I’m more grateful about all of the good things I have in my life.

Get it? Did you notice how the FA asked the deeper questions instead of the easier, shallower questions? For example, instead of asking about the cause of Susan’s accident you will go deeper by asking about the influence Susan had on the client’s life.

Instead of going too wide, learn to go deep. It’s another way to move people across the relationship bridges.

Don’t settle for clients who just do some business with you when you can bring them across the relationship bridges where they trust you enough to do all of their financial services business with you and they introduce you to their friends, family and colleagues. It’s a more valuable relationship for them and a more profitable and enjoyable relationship for you.

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