Income Planning

Claim Says Merrill Overloaded Account With Preferreds


A couple has filed a claim against Merrill Lynch seeking $5 million in damages because they say their accounts were overloaded with preferred stock. 

Boomers Sticking With Traditional IRAs


Roth IRA conversion opportunities will expand next year, but most baby boomers don't plan on taking advantage of the changes, according to a new survey.

Retirees Feeling Less Secure, Survey Says


The number of retirees who say they are worried about financial security has more than doubled since a year ago.

Middle-Class Retirees Worse Off


Middle-class retirees and those nearing retirement are even worse off now than they were six months ago, says a new study by Ernst & Young. 

Women Face More Retirement Risks, Study Says


Women have more to fear than men when it comes to facing the financial risks of retirement, according to a new report.

55 And Older Face Tough Road To Make Up Investment Losses


People age 55 and older face much bigger challenges in making up the 401(k) account balances they've lost over the last 18 months than do those under 30, says a new report.

Half Of Americans Fear Retirement Shortfall


Months after the collapse of the financial markets, about half of Americans surveyed said they were concerned about falling behind in their attempt to save for retirement.

Rollover Beethoven


If financial advisors plan ahead, they will have an opportunity to capture a portion of the nearly $6 trillion in expected 401(k) rollovers over the next decade. 

FIxed Annuities Set Sales Records


U.S. fixed annuity sales are soaring and even variable annuities didn't take as big of a hit as the S&P 500, according to reports on first quarter sales of annuities. 

Steady Eddy Annuity Bets


The economic downturn is driving interest in fixed annuities.

New Study Shows 24% Decline In Retirement Plan Assets


Retirement plans have lost nearly a quarter of their value in this economic crisis, according to a new study.

Fixed Annuity Sales Zoomed In Q3


Sales of fixed annuities in the U.S. jumped 54% in the third quarter from the year-earlier period...

Pension Tension

Pension plans remain a force in the nation's retirement income landscape, but they're taking a hit like most other  ... 

Tackling Longevity Risk

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Wouldn't it be nice if we could use 401(k) money to buy annuities with pretax dollars?


Fidelity Offers Dual Business Platform Financial planners who handle both fee and commission business will have a new platform to integrate their work...


Clients Ticked Off At Their Advisors The economic and investing hard times that began last summer have taken a toll on the collective psyche of...

Sweet Deal

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High-income individuals soon will be able to convert traditional IRAs and 401(k) plans to Roth IRAs.

Great Expectations

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One-stop retirement income funds raise interest, spark debate.

Income For Life? Well, We Hope So.

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A look at new products that are supposed to create "personal pensions" for your clients.

The New Retirement Wave

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Planners will need to seek innovative ways to help keep the baby boomers from exhausting their nest eggs.