401(k) Plans

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Sailing To The Coasts

by Eric Rasmussen

Martin Bicknell's rollup firm Mariner Wealth has been aggressively acquiring RIAs and investment managers.

Supreme Court Argues Over Duty Of 401(k) Plans To Monitor Investments


The U.S. Supreme Court argued Tuesday over the on-going fiduciary role of retirement plans to monitor investments.

Cetera Partners With Envestnet On Retirement Platform

by FA Staff

Cetera Financial Group is partnering with Envestnet to build out a retirement plan platform across its network of nine different broker-dealers.

401(k)-style Public Pensions Cost More Than Traditional Plans, Study Says


Public worker unions and others who back traditional pensions over 401(k)-style plans got ammunition on Tuesday from a new study that shows U.S...

Majority Of Americans Concerned About Pension Gap, Survey Says

by FA Staff

The majority of people surveyed in a recent poll are concerned about the government's ability to fund promised pensions and that taxes will be raised to meet these obligations.

15 Countries Rank Highest For Global Retirement Security


The U.S. has ranked 19th for three consecutive years in a Natixis survey that ranks countries on their ability to provide financial security and overall well being for retirees.

Golden Years May Be A Bust For Millions Of Retirees, Report Warns


After excluding households that had saved nothing, the median account balance of people 55 to 64 was $104,000, says a report by the Center for American Progress.

The Problem With Obama's Plan To Limit Retirement Savings


The Obama administration is proposing a cap on how much money a person can have in all of her retirement accounts combined, suggesting a ceiling of more than $3 million per person.

Fewer Americans Have Retirement Plans


Fewer Americans have retirement plans than a year ago and five years ago, according to a new ICI study.

White House Aide Calls For Stricter Broker Rules On 401(k) Plans


One of President Obama’s top economic advisors said abusive trading practices are costing workers billions of dollars in retirement savings each year.

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