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Advisors Can Greatly Help With Two Divorce Subjects

by Joseph Cordell

There are two complex subjects in a divorce where a financial advisor can be immensely helpful: structuring divorce settlements in a tax-advantaged manner and the division of retirement benefits.

Are 529 Plans Really Just A Tax Break For The Rich?


President Barack Obama's proposal this week to roll back tax benefits for so-called 529 plans exposes a fundamental disagreement about who is benefiting from these state-sponsored college savings...

Capital Gains Taxes Could Creep Up On Fund Investors


U.S. investors in stock funds will take a big tax hit this year on capital gains that could top $300 billion.

Obama Tax Agenda Widens Partisan Gulf As He Seeks Redistribution


The plan would raise the top capital gains rate to 28 percent, impose tax increases for high earners, limit tax breaks for 529 plans and take other steps to pay for new programs.

Young, Successful Millennials Are Perfect Prospective Advisor Clients

by FA Staff

Millennials with high earnings potential represent a promising market for advisors looking to add new clients, says a TD Ameritrade survey.

Middle-Class Decline Looms Over Final Years Of Obama Presidency


Barack Obama enters the final two years of his presidency with a blemish on his legacy that looks impossible to erase: the decline of the middle class.

Hatch: Switch Fiduciary Rule Making For Retirement Plans From DOL To Treasury


Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch said Tuesday the committee will work to shift fiduciary rule making for retirement plans from the Labor Department to the Treasury Department.

Obama Moves To Lift Legacy, Party’s 2016 Outlook With Tax Plans


Obama is proposing new taxes on the wealthiest Americans to fund expanded tax credits for higher education and child care and create a new break for two-earner couples.

VIEW: Obama's Tax Reform Is Dead On Arrival


A lottery ticket would have more chance of changing your clients' finances than Obama's tax proposals being officially unveiled tomorrow, says our Washington correspondent.

Obamacare Becomes Tax-Filing Headache For Many


Obamacare is about to collide with the U.S. tax-filing season, adding frustration for millions of taxpayers trying to figure out how to comply and how much they will owe the government.

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